Privacy Policy

On this page we’d like to give you short overview of how we use your data and what kind of data we are collecting in SStats app.

We don’t know your identity

We don’t have your e-mail address or IP address.
To use SStats app right now there’s no need to sign in. Data is stored locally and it’s yours. We also don’t store your IP.

Data in SStats app is stored on your device

We don’t store your data in the cloud. This information is saved on your phone. We don’t have access to your data. That is why when you don’t have backup - we are not able to restore your data.

Statistics / Analytics / Crashes

To improve SStats app and give you better features we are using both Firebase Analytics and Firebase Crashlytics (Google products). Thanks to these tools we know general information about app’s usage. We don’t use tracking info here. Google Analytics User-ID tracking is turned off. We are also using these tools to track crashes in the app.